Keep your customers in the loop

Your Customer is in Control

With Apprise your customers decide what they want to be notified about.

The Problem

What do your customers actually care about

Communication overload with e-commerce email open rate at 15.612%*

Privacy concerns

Being able to capture customer wants in real-time

Missing out on short-lived opportunities

Expensive and time consuming to build and maintain

Our Solution

Apprise enables you to have meaningful and deliberate communication with your customers

Customers decide what they want to know about

Real-time customer insight

Convert short-lived business opportunities

Access your data

Keep on top of trends

Track your customers interests with our dashboard

Apprise Dashboard

Use case

Back in Stock

Easily connect commercetools stock notifications to users emails

Easy integration

Built for CommerceTools

Automate notifications with live inventory updates e.g. let your subscribed users know when products are back in stock

commercetools - Next generation commerce

Other use cases

The core idea of apprise revolves around interests and events. Those interests and events could be anything!

Product Launch

Book Signings

New Store Opening


Anything else

Why choose apprise?

One place to capture what customers care about

Higher levels of engagement with 77.3% email open rate

Real-time insights to inform business decisions

Easy integration and setup

Fair pricing based on usage

Early adopters have a say in new features!

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